Building Regulations

Fining Associates have recently been awarded by the LABC, the Building Excellence Award in the Best Individual New Home category for Ferry Cottage a Building Regulations submission for scheme in Bishopthorpe, York.

We assisted our client’s with navigating building regulations and the discharging of conditions process in a timely, competitive and cost efficient manner.

Building regulations are a set of standards and guidelines that ensure new constructions and renovations are safe, energy-efficient, and compliant with the law. An architect is an important professional to have during the building regulations process because they can help you navigate the regulations, ensure that your plans meet all the requirements, and provide expert advice on how to make your building more sustainable and energy-efficient.

An architect can also help you find solutions for complex building regulations issues and is essential if you want to build a safe and compliant structure. They can also help you with submitting your plans for approval, ensuring that all the necessary information is included and that you have met all the relevant regulations.

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Building Regulations award

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