Starting on site in the new year is our scheme to provide two new homes down the lesser known side street Paver Lane, situated off Walmgate. As the site is within the conservation area, the proposals retain the historic 2 storey workshop building as part of one of the dwellings and have an adjoining new build in sympathetic massing, detailing and materials.

However, the small street comes with a certain darker history and has always been an ‘interesting’ part of our beautiful city. One main historical highlight from this salubrious street is ‘Riding The Stang’;

‘….Paver Lane was a dark, narrow passage running alongside a graveyard and lined with crowded tenements where the residents meted out their own justice… such as riding the stang. This was the loud humiliation of an adulterer, adulteress or wife-beater and so on, usually by gangs of boys encouraged to do so by their elders’

With York’s history being vast and somewhat dark many hundreds of years ago, we are honoured to be able to rejuvenate this area that’s crammed with a past that shouldn’t be forgotten.

We would like to thank Mr Alan Greveson for his permission to use the above portions of text extracted from his historical study of Walmgate –

‘Being a Brief and Concise yet Accurate history Of ye Shoppe of ye CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST Situate at 102 Walmgate’ (2014)