This relatively modest extension to a family home in York belies it’s humble size. The opening up of part of the existing ground floor and the new glazing turn a normal house into something out of the ordinary. The scheme also includes a green roof which gives an attractive appearance externally.
Whilst not fully complete (further pictures on the ‘projects’ page shortly), already the green roof is thriving.

Green roofs have a number of additional beneficial features over and above aesthetics that give us great satisfaction to include them within a scheme. Flooding in this country has become more problematic in recent history and attenuation of surface water run-off is always something to be carefully considered when constructing buildings. Green roofs can act as a buffer, slowing down release of precipitation into the drainage system and helping to reduce the impact of flood events.

Typically consisting of a mix of hardy Sedum plan species, they provide a natural habitat for insects, assisting in biodiversity and in many cases proving sustenance for endangered species, particularly butterflies.

Keen botanists may also be able to find something to top their summer salads off with, We love a green roof!