Open Plan Kitchen In A Traditional Victorian Home – York

An open plan kitchen offers many advantages, namely you may interect with family or guests while cooking without being restricted to a confined space.

Also, in the case of families: it allows you to watch over kids when they are doing their homework or playing in the yard.

This lovely three-story townhouse from the Victorian era is located in York’s Bishopthorpe Road.

For this job, our clients wanted to extend their current house to accommodate their growing family.

This included expanding the ground floor to introduce a utility and separate office space.

The extension to allow an open plan kitchen would enable our clients to enjoy a enlarged lounge-living area.

Given the close proximity to neighbouring residences and the limited back plot, significant consideration went into an appropriate design.

We were able to produce a sleek, modern interior that retains the traditional external appearance that the family can enjoy for years to come.

This project was designed and managed by Fining Associates and constructed by York Builder.