We have recently been commissioned to design a new private dwellinghouse within the picturesque village of Sandsend.

Sandsend and the adjoining East Row which are linked by the beck that runs through the middle of the two were once separate settlements many years prior, and as the coastline was developing and expanding the two settlements naturally merged into one to form Sandsend as locals and tourists know it today.


The steeply sloping site that overlooks the lower parts of East Row currently forms part of an unused garden that will utilise striking features that entices visual exploration. The site is a challenging constraint but also a source of inherent opportunities – this has allowed us to create a carefully crafted lifetime home. Bedrooms are situations on the lower floors with the living area on the top floor, featuring extensive glazing that provides stunning views over the village and coast. The property also includes a large triple garage, a lift to facilitate the growing and adapting family, a sweeping deck that wraps around the first floor to further open out the living areas, and the luxurious addition of a home cinema room. This new dwellinghouse takes its inspiration from the prow of traditional angling boats with its diminishing truncated form. The profiled standing seam zinc cladding being suggestive of the traditional clinker-built wooden fishing vessels. With the irregular floor plan and the rugged concrete structure which will have a patterned finish to generate further visual interest, this creates an aesthetic connection to the rocky geological landscapes of the nearby cliffs.


This home has been thoughtfully designed with bold forms and striking materials and as this project progresses, we look forward to it becoming a great addition to the varied landscape of Sandsend.