This modern extension has recently been granted permission despite lengthy and sustained objections from the planning department, it is usually the case that any scheme that deviates from the precieved norm comes up against objections from locals and planners. Whilst the approval has quite a varied departure from the original submission aesthetic,it still manages to achieve the most important stated aims of the brief;

– A large increase in floor space to provide new accommodation for the growing family.
– A modern appearance
– Spaces that surprise and delight, maximizing natural light and providing panoramic views to the open countryside beyond.

The extended home features new En-Suite bedrooms with the master having a striking asymmetrical corner glazing arrangement and a new staircase that features a landing ‘bridge’ to flood light into the centre of the house. At ground floor, the Kids get a new dedicated playroom, whilst the adults can keep an eye on them (but not have to hear them) from the expansive Dining and Kitchen area that has curved worksurfaces, a large central island and views to the full extent of the expanding garden.

Inevitably, to produce a modern extension usually requires making concessions, we are very experienced in such negotiations and have a high success rate in achieving outcomes that our clients are happy with, we work hard to pursue these goals for you.

If you are looking to make the most of your home. please get in touch.